We hold the humble spirit, not only provide innovated products but protect consumer's health at the same time.


Bakerking is an ingredient company, and over 40 years, the company expanded its business from importing to developing and manufacturing baking ingredient products. Bakerking have continued researching recipes world-wide and develop ingredients that provide product innovation and baking efficiency solution. Bakerking produces mixes from bread, cake, pastry to ingredients that enhance western pastry such as invert syrup and improve Chinese pastry such as moon cake products.

Our main office and R&D center are based in Taipei where it connects offices in Shanghai and Guangzhou to market our products and services to China, Taiwan and south Asia. Bakerking markets product from industrial to artesian bakery, and we also design product to trendy food and beverage business. For healthy eating and fun baking, we extend product to DIY home baking consumers.

 Our founder's mission is to spread the culture of baking at the same time help elevating the baking industry. For the next decade our company will continue offering support to bakery industry, ingredients to create new products, solution to help top quality production, services and information to inspire baker, and health concept to consumer.

Bakerking International was founded by Mr. Chien-I Hsieh Prior to the establishment of Bakerking International in 1976.He has been use academics and technology, driven the developed of baking industry in Taiwan. Mr. Hsieh not only provided outstanding products but established China Grain Product Research & Development Institute and taught how to make the new products and new technology. He encouraged the concept of a clean baking environment. It made the traditional technology oriented transfer into management oriented, so that the domestic and foreign business management had the new concept.Through published the baking publications, constantly providing new knowledge and built a good foundation for baking industry of Taiwan.

Lecturer of China Grain Products Research & Develop Institute.

Jury of the National Baking Food Quality Hygiene Awards

Committee of Vocational Training Bureau Baked Food

Lecturer of Department of Applied Life Science, Fu Jen University

Lecturer of Department of Food Science, Nutrition, Shih Chien University

Lecturer of Department of Applied Science of Living, Chinese Culture University

Committee of National Food Evaluation Association

Consultant of US Wheat Association Marketing

Committee of National Moon cake Association

Chairman of Kings Cake

Managing Director of Bakerking International Enterprises Corp

 Vice Chairman of 3M America Crop.

Chairman of Thailand King’s Cake Company

Chairman of CIBC

President of Baking News magazine

Member of Taiwan Association for Food Science and Technology

President of Rotary Club of Taipei North Gate, Taiwan District

Vice Chairman of China Food Culture Exchange Association

Bakerking International was founded by Mr. Chien-I Hsieh (謝健一先生). Prior to the establishment of Bakerking International in 1976. At the beginning, it is the distributor of the world famous brand, Emlex SSL, and then Bakerking was well-known throughout the country. In 1978, numbers of quality products were developed, such as invert syrup. 

In 1980, Golden Eggless Filling was developed for health demands. In recent years, it has been step foot into cater for food service area and, also providing waffle series including books and beverages.

In 2000, Guangzhou Food Limited Company was established in Guangzhou to provide excellent products to the Chinese market. 

In 2015, Bakerking has established a branch office in Shanghai to provide services to our customers. Our mission is to advance confectionary industry to the next level. We are constantly searching and developing better products and knowledge to improve ourselves.

Bakerking International Enterprises Corp., founded in 1976

  • 2015年

    Mr. Chieh Lun Hsieh General Manager takes a role of president of the sixth Taipei B.I.S. Association

  • 2014年

    Cooperating with the publisher, publishing a book “small family's happiness and taste”.

    Shanghai Office was established

  • 2011年

    Taiwan's production factory was completed

  • 2008年

    Investment in Yantai Rui Hua Food Factorys

  • 2006年

    Mr. Chieh Lun Hsieh is the general manager of Bakerking Enterprises Corp., and continues to lead the company to move forward.

  • 2001年

    The 9/11 terrorist incident affected the global economy's instability, the domestic economic market was sluggish, the economic growth rate was reversed, the political economy was not stable, the investment environment was poor, and many baking companies experienced a recession.

    917 Typhoon Nari caused flooding, resulting in the loss of the company is quite huge, the test of the company's resilience and courage to move forward and perseverance.

  • 2000年

    Alliance with Huaqigroup Food Company to jointly develop and operate the mainland market
    Mr. Lin Chun Te is a business manager based in Guangzhou and the president Mrs. Kao is responsible for finance.
    Huaqigroup Food Company Shantou Factory is responsible for manufacturing, warehouse management and distribution. Mr. Chen Yongcai is responsible for the technical and implementation of the corresponding window with Mr. Lin Jinguang.

  • 1999年

    Chairman Mrs. Kao took over the company to conduct a comprehensive discussion and adjustment of the management to meet the challenges of the new century in 2000.

    Bakerking Enterprises Corp. enters the multi-product management system.

    Advancing towards the various food market

  • 1993年

    Cooperated with Shanghai business enterprise to establish central kitchen facility and King’s Cake franchise in Shanghai.

  • 1992年

    Invitation by Singapore Productive forces Bureau to host Bakery Industry Management Forum in Singapore.
    Invitation by First of Shanghai Food Association to host of Bakery Industry Management Forum and judge for Bakery exchange seminar.
    Registration of Kings Cake International Corp. in Hong Kong, and preparation of Mainland China business development.

  • 1991年

    Join venture with President Bakery of Thailand to establish President Kings Cake Company in Bangkok.
    Honor speaker of American Wheat Association and Beijing Municipal Bureau of Grain on Food Management in Beijing.
    Honor speaker of Suzhou Food Association.
    Elected president of International Rotary Club Taipei North Gate branch.

  • 1990年

    Participation and honor speaker of first year International China Food Culture Study Forum.

    Cooperated with Beijing Confectionary Co. and launched “Nations Cake” to Beijing market.

  • 1989年

    Won prize of “Food business management” from Food Technology of R.O.C.
    American Express Co. and Seaaon Co., Ltd.(Singapore) represent and market “Nations Cake” in South East Asia area.
    Cooperation with Lian Bee(M) Sdn Bhd to manufacture “Nations Cake” for Malaysia and Singapore markets.
    Invitation by United Nation for Industrial Baking guest speaker in Beijing.

  • 1988年

    South East Asia seminar tour on baking by invitation of US Wheat Association.

    Both “Nations Cake” and “Dragon Cake” won “Golden medal of Bakery”from World Food Appreciation.

  • 1987年

    Rewarded The National“Plum Blossom Prize”, the highest prize of quality bakery food in Taiwan.

  • 1986年

    Established CBIC and organized speeches with Food and Drug Administration.
    Provided baking food hygiene’s teaching material by Food and Drug Administration’s offer.
    King’s Cake gift set series rewarded for the “National Best Food Package Design”.
    Organize “Bakery Industry Management Class” together with Fu-Jen Catholic University and Modern Bakery Information Association.

  • 1985年

    Sponsored the first Chinese baking food management magazine - Baking News.

  • 1983年

    Established baking products information conference and hold a number of forums for produce and packaging of moon cake.

  • 1980年

    Brandy Cake and Almond Slice Cookie gift set has won the Taiwan Bakery Products Exhibition Excellence Award

    Established the baking ingredients trading department. (under the ownership of Bakerking International Enterprise Corp)

  • 1979年

    Established King’s Cake Taipei store in Zhongshan North road, it became chain store precedent.

  • 1978年

    Established Bakerking’s demonstration store, King’s Cake.

    King’s Cake supports baking industry with more management experience, and train for baking technicians, located at Yonghe, New Taipei City.

  • 1977年

    Established Baking Technology Department for production technology and management consulting of baking industry.

  • 1976年

    Established Bakerking Enterprises Corp.

《Win-Win》Only customers succeed, Bakerking can be to gain better perspective.

2012 HACCP Certification, 2014 ISO Certification. We always persist in our business philosophy:
To provide customer high quality and innovative products. Step by step, we have built the solid foundation for our company in the past 40 years.