There is no first choice for food, only the food that suits you best


First of all, if you want to increase calcium and protein, is milk really the people's "first choice"? The answer is wrong! Because there is no first choice for food, only the food that suits you best. Egg protein is three times higher than milk and its absorption efficiency is also better than that of milk. The protein content of soybean milk is also higher than the milk, which contains more unsaturated fatty acids and dietary fiber that are beneficial to the human’s body. Others such as seafood and meat also have more protein than milk.



Every 100ml of milk contains 100mg of calcium, in fact the green vegetables, seaweed, tofu, black sesame powder, cheese, dried fish ..., these are rich in calcium and better than milk. Therefore, in addition to drinking the milk, you can also eat other foods to increase calcium.


At home, it's easy to simply make delicious dishes that increase calcium and protein—"tofu egg soup." Because eggs and tofu are high quality protein ingredients, and eggs are rich in vitamin D, calcium in tofu can be made to absorb.



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