2018 Taipei International Bakery Show


The most indicative baking exhibition in Taiwan, the -2018 Taipei International Bakery Show was held on March 15th at the 1st and 4th floors of Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 1. One of the most eye-catching events is the City Bread Championship. The world's baking masters will gather together to start a wonderful baking competition. Taiwan itself is the host of another international baking competition, the "City Bread Championship." This year, the famed event draws top candidates from Taiwan and other countries, including China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Brazil. It will be divided into two groups for two days of competition on 3/15 and 3/16.

Bakerking was invited to participate in the exhibition, the exhibition area mainly presents six major concept themes: Liege bread area, cake area, icing sugar area, syrup area, traditional area, seasonal area. The products on display were rich and varied, and the products were presented in various variations and changes, thus attracting a large number of people to visit. Each district has professional explanations of product concepts and functional characteristics. Many overseas manufacturers have also asked about opportunities for cross-border cooperation.


Han Pastry Appreciation Seminar
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