Han Pastry Appreciation Seminar


Han Pastry has a long history as a cultural asset. There are a lot of characteristic specialty stores of Han Pastry in Taiwan. Thus, Taiwan can be called the best place to carry forward the culture of Han Pastry.

In order to create the new opportunities for Han Pastry industry and make Han Bing/Pastry link up with the world, Taipei Bakery Association would like to host Han Pastry innovation contest and a series of related activities. There will be traditional group and creative group in the contest. For traditional group, the focus will be on passing down the culture of Han Pastry with ancient techniques. While, creative group will try to target younger generation and make Han Pastry more diverse in daily life. All of these aim at building a closer tie between Han Pastry and contemporary consumers.
Teacher Chou from KAO&ZOU’S BAKE HOUSE won the champion of Han Pastry Innovation Contest. Teacher Chen from SUNMERRY took the second place and teacher Chou from CHUAN SI PASTRY took the third place in the contest. According to Kao Chui-Tsung, president of Taipei Bakery Association, the innovation contest of Han Pastry is held in Taiwan for the first time and the contest will be expanded in the future. All bakers in Asia will be invited to participate in the event.    
It is the first year of Han Pastry Innovation Contest being held and the focus is on “Han Pastry being treated as snacks and merged into our daily lives.” In addition to the award-winning pastry, there are many attractive works. Kao points out that he hopes the champion of the contest can share the way of making Han Pastry and promote it with others who also works in baking industry. It is a more effective way to promote Han Pastry than promoting it alone. He believes that originality won’t be replaced. Only by collaborating with each other can carry forward the Han Pastry industry
After Han Pastry Innovation Contest is over, Taipei Bakery Association holds the Han Pastry Appreciation Seminar. It invites teacher Chou, the champion of the first innovation contest of Han Pastry to share his recipe and the experience of the contest. Taipei Bakery Association also invites everyone to make an effort to promote the Han Pasty culture and pass down our original Han Pastry culture to the next generation. 

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