"Milk heating" NG? Experts pointed out 2 reasons to refute...There are ways of persistent diarrhea


Is it better to drink the fresh milk? Many people are used to drinking milk in the morning to supplement the calcium of the day, but the Internet says that heating the milk will affect the absorption of calcium, and there are doubts about deterioration, which makes people afraid. What is the truth? Let the experts take you to find out!


Foodi C nutrition expert Candy Lin first explained milk and fresh milk. People often regard the two as synonymous. In fact, fresh milk is different from milk. Fresh milk is made of 100% milk. Milk contains other additives, such as chocolate-flavored milk, which is called milk because it is added with chocolate.


Then, Candy will clarify the issue of "changing the nutritional value after heating fresh milk." Although temperature affects the nutritional value of fresh milk, its storage method, storage time, type of cattle and growth environment are also changing nutrition. As for the fresh milk sold in the market, has been sterilized by high temperature in advance, such as ultra-high temperature instant sterilization UHT (2 to 4 seconds, 135-145 degrees sterilization) and high temperature short-time sterilization HTST (15 to 20 seconds) , 72-74 degrees sterilization), therefore, because the sterilization temperature is already higher than the temperature of the heated milk, the warm milk "will not be" to change its nutritional value; and HTST sterilization method is more able to preserve the milk nutrients, while the UHT sterilization method is not superior to HTST, but it can be preserved for a long time.


The experts will continue to replenish the temperature suitable for drinking, and sort out the "two advantages" of drinking warm milk. It is especially suitable for people with indigestion to drink when they get up in the morning. At this time a cup of hot drinks will not burden the digestive system.


1. It can help sleep

People with insomnia are suitable for a cup of warm milk, because the milk contains carbohydrates, tryptophan and serotonin, which can promote the formation of melatonin in the brain, which helps sleep.


2. Alleviate the symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort in patients with lactose intolerance

Heated fresh milk can reduce the lactose, so lactose intolerant people drink warm milk less than the symptoms of diarrhea or flatulence.


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