Waffle Premix (Thicken)

Product number:

Package: 1kg x 20 box/carton

Storage :

Store under a cool, dry environment for one year 

Finished product storage:

Normal room temperature 1-2 days


Waffle Premix (Thicken) offers the creamy flavor, and the texture is as delicate as a cake. It’s easy to make and have more stable quality in business or home baking. It can be baked in thickness waffle maker, the height of finished product is about 2.5 cm.


1. Mix Waffle Premix 170g with milk 50g, and whole egg 50g.

2. Pour paste into the pre-heated waffle maker, open the maker to bake for 4 min, then close to bake for 3-4 min.

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