Pancake Premix (Thick)

Product number:

Package: 1kg x 20 box/carton

Storage :

Store under a cool, dry environment for one year 

Finished product storage:

Normal room temperature 1-2 days


Pancake Premix (Thick) offers the best flavor, texture and without the special mold, using the fry pan can make the popular thick waffle. Topping with honey or jam, and if you want to eat salty flavor then you can add the ham, tuna. Pancake Waffles is your best choice for your afternoon tea.


1. Preheat the fry pan.

2. Mix water 30g, whole egg 80g, Invert Syrup (East) 10g with the whisk to stir quickly until small bubbles appear.  
3. Add Pancake Premix 100g and stir it well, add the batter into pastry bag.
4. Pour batter into the fry pan and cook each side over low heat for 3 min.(using electric hot plate, please set temperature 170℃)

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