Waffle Premix (Crispy Mochi)

Product number:

Package: 1kg x 20 box/carton

Storage :

Store under a cool, dry environment for one year 

Finished product storage:

Normal room temperature 1-2 days


Waffle Premix (Crispy Mochi) offers chewy texture and creamy flavor. It’s crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. It can be add salty or sweet foods to have a variety of waffle toppings.


1. Mix Waffle Premix (Crispy Mochi) 100g, whole egg 50g, water 50-80g and Unsalted butter (hot water heating), stir it well until a batter forms.

2. Pour paste into the pre-heated waffle maker, bake for 5-8 min.

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