Liège Waffle Premix

Product number:

Package: 1kg x 20 box/carton

Product information: Gluten, Milk and related products included

Storage :

Store under a cool, dry environment for one year 

Finished product storage:

Normal room temperature 1-2 days


Liege waffle needs to be fermented, but it’s easy to make. Through the fermentation process, it will bring the bread flavor to the waffle. It offers crispy outside and chewy structure.


1. Mix and dissolve dry yeast 2g and water 22g., then add Liege Waffle Premix 100g, whole egg 9g, Invert Syrup (West) 19g and dissolved yeast mix well. 
2. Add anhydrous butter and Emplex 2g, stir at medium speed until the dough is smooth, cover the top and place 45-60 minutes for fermentation.
3..Place the dough into the pre-heated waffle maker(160℃), and bake for 2.5-3min.

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