Eggless Cake Premix

Product number: 7101333

Package: 1kg x 20 bags/carton 2kg x 10 bags/carton


Store under a cool, dry environment for one year 

 Finished product storage:

Normal room temperature 1-2 days; chill 3-5 days; frozen 7-10 days


   Eggless Cake Powder makes great cakes without using any egg.  It is the source of high quality protein and is best for vegetarian and egg-allergic consumers.  The product contains low cholesterol and is the best choice for healthy diet.



   1. Mix 295g of Eggless Cake Powder 200g of water.

   2. Whip the paste at high speed for 10 minutes until the density ratio within 0.4-0.5.

   3. Add 40g oil with slow speed, blend well than pour into the mold

   4. Oven temperature: upper 190℃ lower 150℃, for 20-25 min.

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