Chiffon Cake Mix

Product number:

Package: 10kg*2 Bag/Carton

Product information: Milk, egg and related products included

Storage: Store under a cool, dry environment for 1 year

Finished product storage: Store in normal room temperature for 4 days. Store in the freezer for 14 days.


Don’t need to whisk egg white and egg yolk separately. When making the same product again, there is no need to wash the bowl, just scrape it clean then you can continually start the new round. Short baking time, fixed baking temperature, and no need to adjust during the process. Can easily whip it and easy to use. Soft texture and can make various kind of flavor. This Mix Powder is a concentrated powder of raw materials, supply for massive production of production line, to increase the productivity and control the cost, to have a better competitive price.


  1. Quickly whip Sponge Cake Powder 50g, Sugar 30g, Cake Flour 20g, Milk powder 1.5g, whole egg 100g and water 15g for 6 minutes, until the proportion reach 0.37-0.39.
  2. Add cooking oil 15g, and slowly whip for 1 minute. Then pour into the 7 inch removable round baking mold.
  3. Set the oven to upper temperature 190℃, lower temperature 150℃, then bake for 20-25 min.
  4. Remove the baking mold and cool it down.

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