Eggless Cake Powder (AQ180)

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Package: 300g*40 bags/carton, 8kg*2 bags/carton

Milk and related products included.

Storage:Store under a cool, dry environment for one year.

Finished product storage: Normal room temperature 1-2 days; chill 3-5 days; frozen 7-10 days.


AQ180 Eggless Cake Premix Powder makes great cakes without using any egg. It is the source of high quality protein and is best for vegetarian and egg-allergic consumers. The product contains low cholesterol and is the best choice for healthy diet. It can easily be rolled and will not crack. It is same as normal cake, can make different shape and uses.


1. Put water 160±2g, sugar 90g, salt 1g, AQ180 33g in to mixing bowl.

2. Use beater stir 1 minute in slow speed, mid speed 3minutes, till the sugar dissolved.

3. Add cake flour 110g, foaming agent 10g. Stir in slow speed 1 minute, mid speed 1 minute, top speed 6-8minutes till the surface become smooth without bubbles.

4. Stop the machine and wipe it clean. The recommended paste ratio is 0.65.

5. Set the oven to upper temperature 180℃, lower temperature 175℃, bake for 25 minutes.


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