Japanese Steamed Cake Premix

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Package: 1kg*20 bag/carton

Egg and related products included

Storage: Store under a cool, dry environment for 1 year

Finished product storage: Store in normal room temperature for 2-3 days.


Easy to use, with a soft texture, can be used to make sweet or savory steamed cake. Easy to whip, and won’t retract after steamed. Can be store at normal room temperature for 5 days in vacuum packaging.


1. Quickly whip Japanese Steamed Cake Premix 100g, whole egg 55g and water 25g for 7 minutes, until the proportion reach 0.35-0.37. Then add water 5g and pour into the molds with 90% full.

2. Preheat the steamer 115°C, then keep the steamer’s temperature at 85°C and steam for 25 minutes.

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