Genetically modified

Date:2018-10-15 16:18:36

Definition: A certain characteristic gene is implanted into the DNA of another species by biotechnology, to change the characteristics of the species. The disadvantages of the original species are overcome, which is different from natural Genetic DNA, grafting, breeding. This is an intrusive approach.


Motivation: The simplest cause is the impact of pests and diseases on planting crops and the climate. In this concept, scientists implanted genes that are more resistant to insects and genes that are resistant to drought, and genes that are fast growing in the crops.


Application: It is not limited to food. It related to human survival and medical care. It is researched and developed based on human goals and needs. The most commonly mentioned food is soybean, corn and beet. The first level is for pest resistance, drought resistance, weeding, etc. The second level is how to increase the nutrition, including high protein content, lack vitamin. The golden rice is really popular recently. It increases content of vitamin B, to solve human needs and the pain of the disease. Traditionally, the time required for the salmon to grow up is three to three and a half years. Now it only takes 18 months. Using this theory to medical treatment, antibodies incubate for treating diseases.


Conclusion: The believer of the genetic modification believes that reducing the use of pesticides due to pest resistance and reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emissions are protecting the earth. The management will be easier, saving human resources, increase profitability, increase production, solve food problems with the continuous population Increase, improve nutrition, and solve certain diseases.


The organic food groups believe that violations of the ecology of nature, disruption of the balance of nature, resistance to pests in the natural world, and spread of pollution. It has led the results to several cases. The lab rat has tumor.

The evolution and progress of human civilization and science sometimes can be opposite. The improvement of certain problems may produce another problem. Genetically modified is a very complicated science. It needs long-term observations and applied properly to avoid causing more damages.

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