The chocolate double-layered cheese cake of Letao

Date:2018-10-15 16:21:47

The chocolate double-layered cheese cake of Letao, has combined the most representative dessert, cheesecake and chocolate. The upper layer is a mousse made of Mascarpone in Italy and Hokkaido fresh cream. The lower layer is a baked cake made from Australian cream cheese and chocolate. The taste is sweet but not greasy. It is definitely the best dessert.


The original double-layered cheesecake is selected from Italian Mascarpone and Australian cheese. It pursues the perfect taste of enjoyment. For who are eager for sweet desserts, it is time to come with your friends and enjoy the dessert from Japan.


LeTAO, a famous store in Japan, has opened three other stores in Taipei. I had heard that their waffles are also very delicious. It was a pity that their waffles were already sold out.

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