Shaved Ice Shop KAKIGORI

Date:2018-10-15 16:26:57

I would like to introduce you a popular ice shop on Danshui Old Street. The shop is full of Japanese style. The space is small but very warm. It can accommodate a total of 12 Seats.

The owner is a lovely couple who used to live in Okinawa, Japan. Inheriting Japanese craftsmanship, the syrups have no additives and cook by hands. They are limited serving per day, the popular products would be sold out if you are late.

The popular “sunset of Dansui” is topped with hand-cooked pitaya pineapple sauce. In the middle, it combined pitaya and white jade. The taste is sweet but not too greasy.

Another popular item, Okinawa Black Honey Soybean, Brown Sugar and Soybean is a great combination, after adding shaved ice it is even more delicious. The condensed milk can let you adjust the sweetness by your own. If you go to Dnashui, do not forget to try this special Ice Shop.

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